Photography by Michelle

The Client

Michelle Summers had been photographing her children for years. When her sons were on sports teams, she was disappointed with the cost of team photography, and felt that she could do a better job at a lower cost. She specialized in outdoor photography of families, children, and sports teams, as well as maternity photography and holiday cards.

The Problem

Michelle needed a site to showcase her previous work, as well as a place to allow her customers to view their proofs before selecting prints.

The Solution

We created a WordPress site with image galleries for her existing work, and utilized a custom plug-in to support online proofs. This site was eventually replaced with one that had a matching Windows application; this application took a set of photos, resized them, applied a watermark, and created the proof gallery without having to even go to the site.

The Epilogue

As Michelle is no longer doing professional photography, the current version of this site is a simple thank-you to her customers from 2007-2014.

The Technology Stack

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