Process Automation and User Engagement

Computers can be used to augment or automate nearly any process; could you think of generating bank statements, processing mailing lists, or tracking orders without some form of automation? We develop web-based solutions to automate your processes, ensuring that your business constraints are satisfied; these systems can run on the Internet or your private network. For Internet-facing solutions, we engineer solutions that allow them to interact with you securely, presented in an engaging manner. And, by “engagement,” we are not describing intrusive page pop-ups and other marketing gimmicks web annoyances; we determine an optimal user experience for your customers, and tailor the solution to work for both of you.

Several of our solutions fit this description.

  • Virtual Prayer Room helped the prayer ministry of Hoffmantown Church enable their prayer warriors to have access to requests wherever they are, even in their inbox once a day!
  • TCMS was an application that helped organizations such as Love INC of South Albuquerque connect people with needs to people who can help fulfill those needs. TCMS sprung from the Not So Extreme Makeover: Community Edition in Albuquerque, New Mexico during spring break 2008; we not only developed the public presence, but a private system called NSXapp that enabled the management of the volunteers, families, and things for this massive effort.
  • We continue to offer PrayerTracker (about), a free-to-use web application that helps Sunday School classes (or other small groups) generate a prayer request list; it provides a central place for list management and continuity.

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