Information Publicizing and Blogging

In the early days of the World Wide Web, it was known as the “information superhighway.” From its inception, the web’s primary goal is information. The open nature of the Internet allows anyone, anywhere to say anything, provided they can connect a machine to the network. In fact, there are software products to handle everything except creating the content; all you have to bring is the ability to form a coherent thought, and type that thought into a box. WordPress is one of the most popular blogging platforms in use today; it allows authors to concentrate on the content of their websites, rather than forcing authors to turn into programmers.

Custom-Built Sites

  • We developed and maintained the site for Emerald Mountain Christian School (about) for 9 years, where they had information about the type of curriculum they teach, the school’s 40+-year history, a calendar of events, and how to get more information.
  • We built and maintained the site for Photography by Michelle (about), which had information, prices, and samples of the photographer’s work, as well as the ability for customers to view proofs and make photo selections online.
  • The site for Bay Vista Baptist Church (about) utilizes a “static site generator,” where the entire site is generated from source files, then served. It requires no back-end database, which means that the server can send pages as fast as its clients can take them. This site even has a generated podcast feed! Adding content to these types of sites requires a bit more technical knowledge beyond “typing text in a box,” but it is a great way to build ultra-fast, scalable web sites.
  • This site is also a statically-generated site, utilizing the Nuxt project for the Vue.js JavaScript framework. Using Nuxt’s content plugin, the majority of pages are written in Markdown (a very writing-friendly format). We can include data at the top of each file that controls how it is displayed; this gives us both the flexibility of a database and the speed of not actually having one! (It’s open source if you want to see how we did it.)

WordPress Design, Customization, and Support

  • For Futility Closet (about), we moved their site from a shared hosting platform to its own VPS, securing it from intrusion attempts and enabling it to handle its ever-increasing traffic.
  • We took over Mindy Mackenzie (about) in advance of the release of her eventual WSJ best-selling book The Courage Solution, and continue to support her as she hosts the annual You First Integrative Leadership Summit.
  • We helped Cassy Fiano and Dr. Melissa Clouthier both move their blogs from Blogspot to their own domains.
  • We migrated Liberty Pundits from a custom blog platform to WordPress, and set up and maintained their server, which routinely cleared 100,000 hits per day in its prime.
  • TCMS and NSXapp both used WordPress as their front end, which also provided a public web presence that the customers could update themselves.

On The Bit Badger Blog you can browse the WordPress category for information on plug-ins, and we have supported theme customizations for nearly all of the WordPress sites linked on the sidebar/footer of the home page.

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